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Blog written by Dr. Daniel Mutter, DC about chiropractic, philosophy, network spinal analysis, and yoga.

In With the New

I have spent much of the past two months preparing the space for my new office home. Toward the end of last year, I learned that I would have to relocate owing to the irresistible drive of Portland landlords to create more residential space for the growing city. I didn't want to move, but as Mick Jagger has eloquently reminded us - you can't always get what you want. 

I have observed that when one door closes, another opens. Sometimes it might be a window, or a crawl space, or an airplane hangar, but in any event, there is always a Way for movement to translate forward. All paths lead exactly here, and now, and the choice we have - especially during the time of year when Resolutions are in fashion - is how to proceed. The trials and tribulations, the stresses and strains, the joys and ecstasy of living in this modern and irrational world all afford us a constant opportunity to create an experience. For me, I want to and will create a space in which voices are heard, healing is deep, and the Hygge is strong. 

As we step into this New Year, what if the resolute question could be reframed to something utterly simple, and yet truly profound: what kind of experience you are allowing yourself to create in this life?