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About the Practice

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About The Practice

Network Spinal Analysis

My primary approach when addressing the spine is Network Spinal Analysis. Network Spinal Analysis is a chiropractic discipline that focuses on the patterns of stress in the central nervous system and how they are reflected in the body. Using gentle, precise, and specific contacts made along the spine, the body is able to become self-aware, to unwind these tension patterns, and to learn new strategies for how to adapt to the physical, chemical, and mental/emotional stressors in life. To learn more about Network Spinal Analysis click here.

Cranial Work

In addition to looking at the spine, I also take time to evaluate the cranium. When dealing with the nervous system, it is important to remember that tension in the skull will translate to tension on the covering of the brain (meninges) and to the brain itself. This tension can affect our ability to think clearly, to feel what is happening in our bodies, and to perceive and respond to the world and other people around us.  

Extremity Work

Although working with the central nervous system is my primary focus, people have bodies with arms and legs. Everything in the body is connected, and this is seen clearly in the interrelationship of the neural, muscular, fascial, vascular, and skeletal systems. When there is challenge to the integrity of these systems in the upper extremity (wrist, elbow, shoulder) or lower extremity (ankle, knee, hip, pelvis), gentle adjustments and specific stretches can significantly improve function in these areas.

Pregnancy and Pediatric Care

In my practice, I work with people in all stages of life. One of my favorite populations to see are expecting moms and children. The role chiropractic plays in supporting the natural physiology of how the body changes throughout life is, in my opinion, most essential during these times of growth and development. Blending the gentle chiropractic discipline of Network Spinal Analysis, subtle cranial work, and during pregnancy, the Webster Technique, I offer a safe, effective, and empowering approach to health and wellness.

Tracking Progress

To be able to track change over time, tools that can measure the quantity and quality of progress are important. For this reason, I perform a comprehensive examination, which includes tools to track subjective change (how you feel), objective change (computer-based functional scans that assess spinal/neural integrity), and clinical change (improvements in physiology and movement). I use technology developed specifically for chiropractic analysis, which includes spinal thermography, surface electromyography (sEMG), and heart rate variability (HRV).